We aim to be the benchmark against which all other remote site service providers are measured

Forestry Forestry
Construction Construction

Domco specializes in providing services to remote location projects – such as mining, forestry, and construction – all across Canada. Domco understands the needs for integrated camp services of clients working in isolated conditions. With over 70 years of industry experience, Domco has amassed the knowledge and expertise needed to deliver outstanding remote site support services such as camp management, site catering, on-site accommodations and housekeeping. Whether you are looking for remote camp efficiency, or first class accommodation services to attract employees to your remote locations, Domco can provide you with creative site services and innovative catering concepts that are sure to please your stake holders.

Domco has managed remote camp operations for many diverse business projects in extremely remote location across Canada. We are proficient in supplying the know-how of managing and operating in such isolated settings. Domco has plans in place to deliver efficient and reliable remote site services for you and your workers – regardless of geographic locations, type of business or the weather conditions.

No remote site is too small and no challenge too big

Domco has proven to be a reliable and cost effective foodservice provider for our remote-site mining operations. Their service has been excellent and we have found their staff to be extremely well trained and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a modern, Foodservice company.
Even when you're thousands of kilometers away, Domco specializes in providing the comforts to make make you feel at home

Our dedicated teams of Executive Chefs offer our guests in remote locations an innovative menu that balances nutritional requirements with great-tasting food. Domco’s remote food services can accommodate eating habits with any special requirements. We aim to live up to our Domco name: Devoted, Organized, Motivated, Committed and Optimistic. Our expert catering staff have yet to come across a catering challenge they were not able to meet. We invite you to challenge them – you may may be pleasantly surprised.

Janitorial Janitorial

Our remote camp janitorial services provide cleaning, floor maintenance, waste management, coverall cleaning, outdoor litter control, snow removal and preventative pest control. Domco has an Environmental Sustainability policy to verify that our janitorial camp services include environmentally friendly cleaning products. One of the best ways Domco can promote health and wellness is by ensuring that our staff and guests enjoy safe and clean accommodations on their remote site camps.

Housekeeping Housekeeping

Domco delivers top-of-the-line housekeeping services that will help your people feel comfortable in remote locations while away from home. All our housekeeping staff is meticulously trained to follow stringent room cleaning procedures on a regular schedule. It guarantees that all areas are cleaned and all surfaces are properly disinfected.

Staff Training Staff Training

All Domco’s housekeeping, catering, camp management and administration employees, undergo extensive in-house training relevant to each job role. Some of the training provided consists of W.H.M.I.S., FOODSAFE, Safe Chemical Handling, Workplace Violence and Harassment, Train the Trainer, Time Management and other role-specific topics. In addition to their training, our employees’ specific knowledge is tested on a regular basis.

6,000 rooms cleaned every day, daily janitorial services performed on 1.2 million square feet each day

Remote Maintenance Services

  • Over 70 years of remote site facility management experience
  • Competitive housekeeping and janitorial services
  • Professional, well trained and motivated staff
  • Customized, specific on-site work camp requirements
  • Remote camp planning and managing of overall operations
  • High quality remote camp site and ground maintenance
  • Camp administration management, control and job accounting