We are proud of our long-term Joint Venture partnerships with First Nation, Inuit and Metis communities

Community Community

Domco is proud to employ members from 18 different Aboriginal communities. We respect their culture and encourages them to exercises their practices freely. This means collectively working with local community leaders in remote location and First Nations, and contributing to the socio-economic development and benefits within their communities. Domco gives high priority to Aboriginal employment and provides them with the proper training required to ensure that First Nation, Metis and Inuit peoples are an integral part of Domco's success.

Education Education

All our employees are trained in WHMIS, Food Safety and leadership development, as well as various technical, administrative and customer service areas. This gives them the opportunity of job advancement and a brighter future. Our projects depend on the health of our workers, which is why Domco and its respective joint venture members work together in ensuring employees are properly trained and attended to, should they have personal problems.

Tradition Tradition

Domco sees itself as guests in the communities where we operate. Consequently, we nurture a strong respect for Aboriginal cultures and lands. For over 70 years, Domco has shared a mutual respect with our Aboriginal partners, for their traditional territory, environment, cultures and values. This is how we have built long lasting relationships with our Aboriginal partners in the remote location communities where we and our clients operate – relationships that are strong and mutually beneficial.

Domco employs 165 First Nation members from 18 different First Nations Domco employs 165 First Nation members from 18 different First Nations

Our Values: We will treat everyone with respect, honesty and integrity. We will foster an atmosphere of teamwork and strive for excellence in everything we do. We will find ways to innovate and do our utmost to deliver the highest standards of foodservice and facility management to remote location companies across Canada

Our associated partners

DOMCO is proud to be part and involved in the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business